Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Whanaungatanga Event

This term our inquiry unit was whanaungatanga. Students in Room 2 got into groups and organised a whole school event with activities that promoted whanaungatanga within our school. Each group organised the activities and ran the event for groups of approximately 25 students.
There were a variety of different activities ranging from dance offs and chant competitions to chocolate river and water balloon dodgeball. Students were marked on how well they gave instructions, how clear their voice was and most importantly how well they reinforced positive behaviour with positive feedback.
Our next step would be to consistently model these positive behaviours in our school and look at ways to promote whanaungatanga in our community. We hope you enjoy our learning.

If you have time please check out students' individual blogs, they are on the left hand side of our class blog and have have more about what we are learning.
Nga mihi nui


  1. Hi room 2 my name is justice from park estate school i am in room 11
    i liked the the photos and how everyone was happy and kind you guys have
    had buy the looks of it a cool event it looked cool.
    kind regards

  2. Hello Jusris,
    Thank you for the lovely comment. We really had fun we hope you enjoy our presentation. It was a bit fun but the most important part was to help our school work together with the senior and the juniors. If you are glad and happy to visit my blog

    Kind Regards

  3. Hi room 2 my name is Mana at park estate school I like your slid show it is amazing.

    Kind regards Mana

    1. Hey Mana,

      That you for you lovely comment. Thank you for saying that our slide was amazing and that is very much appreciated. If you are happy to visit my individual blog I would eventually post something new to my blog too.

      Kind Regards

  4. Talofa lava i'm Conroy in room Waitemata in Waikowhai Primary School. I really liked this post because I liked how you talked about how the seniors and juniors worked together. Also how you talked about how much fun you had and what was positive and what you needed to work on next time. If you would like to visit my indivdual blog just type in this link-

    Blog you later